Not Your Average Vigilante… “Dziva Jones”

“Dziva Jones” is shaping up to be a beautiful book, let me say that first. It’s so refreshing and exciting to work on a title that features a hero that defies what a hero is expected to be. It’s pretty obvious just by looking at her and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun seeing her in action.

Without giving too much away, Dziva tackles her vigilante agenda with a unique blend of both ancient and contemporary African fighting techniques coupled with telepathy and telekinetic powers. Best part of all? My girl ain’t no dummy. She’s rocking a 145 I.Q.

Along with her friend, Detective John Khang, Dziva hunts down the scum of Chicago, the predators of the city who devour the weak being her prey.

Created and written by the wonderful Aminah Armour. Projected release, end of 2014.


あまり離れて与えることなく、 Dzivaはテレパシーと念動の力と相まって、両方の古代と現代アフリカの戦闘技術のユニークなブレンドと彼女の自警議題に取り組んでいます。すべての最良の部分?私の女の子は馬鹿ではありません。彼女の星に想いを145です。

彼女の友人と一緒に、探偵ジョンKhangは、 Dzivaはシカゴのスカム、弱い彼女の獲物を食い、都市の捕食者をダウン狩り。

作成され、素晴らしいアミーナアーマーによって書かれた。発売予定、 2014年末。

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